Thursday, May 19, 2005

The First One

Here we are.. been thinking of starting a blog for quite some time, but never really gathered the willpower to actually do it. Finally able to get my lazy ass to write the first post and hopefully, as I've experienced before, write the later ones without having to drag myself.

I decided to title this blog The Indonesian Complains because:

1. I'm Indonesian
2. I complain, a lot

Well, maybe not really a lot, but enough to annoy some of my friends. This blog will be used for me to express my views on things that I find interesting about Indonesia and also Malaysia, where I've been residing for almost four years. It's also a tool for me to improve my writing. I feel weird that I find it very easy for me to express my opinion verbally, but not so easy when I have to write it down. So please forgive me if you find the future posts look a bit screwed up, I'm trying to improve here.

So much for the intro, now I have to think of a first post...


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