Thursday, October 06, 2005

Not Again

It's funny that I always wanna do something less important i.e. blogging when I'm supposed to do something very important i.e. that 4 pages Story Treatment for Animation 19 question Music assignment that's due in 13 hours' time.

Ah well. Consuming sambal asli ABC should keep me awake all night. Skype-ing with Soft Cheeks has the same effect as well.

Bali got bombed again. And now we have suicide bombers. I've been wondering, what were those lowlifes thinking when they were about to pull (or push) the trigger? Eternal pleasure in paradise just like what their holy imam said? Garbage. Islam strongly condemns suicide, even worse when you're taking innocent lives along. Getting your sorry ass penetrated in the deepest pit of hell is more like it.

I read the news about the bombing with the mixture of shock, anger, disgust, and pain. I don't know about you, but having these kinda evil acts perpetrated in a place you call home sure is sickening. Of all the bombing incidents that happened in Indonesia, the Marriott bombing was certainly the most personal for me. My oldest cousin works there. Thank God he was working night shift when it happened. He told me some of his colleagues were injured in the bombing. Had he decided to swap shifts with a friend, it could have been him.

The government is not doing enough. The police can do better. The intelligence.. well I don't even know what the intelligence is doing. The fact is, Muslim extremists are allowed to do whatever they want in Indonesia, and the government is afraid to do anything cos they fear the backlash from the Muslim community if JI get banned.

I think that's bullcrap. Moderate Muslims don't give a damn about Jemaah Islamiyah, Front Pembela Islam, Laskar Mujahidin (wannabes) and all those jokers. Everyone knows they can be the next unfortunate victim. And everyone also know, those people don't represent Islam at all. They're just misusing religion to achieve whatever their objective is.

So, Bapak SBY, kindly kick their asses and lock them up in Nusakambangan. The times when some wannabe Mujahid leader can scream in national TV that they're doing jihad are over. We've had enough of them.

OK enough with the ranting. I haven't blogged for a while. Been busy with studies and work. I *shall* be more regular when it comes to posting. Just need to force myself to start, that's all.

Listening to: Nothing. My housemate is freaking sensitive to noise. I suspect he can even hear my breathing. Scary.


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