Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Top Twenty Signs You've Been A Drummer for Too Long

This was supposed to be a Top Ten list, but the ideas just kept on coming so I settled at twenty. There might be more in the future.
  1. You can do a complete drum solo by clicking your teeth
  2. You have enough broken sticks collection to heat up an average home in the winter
  3. When someone mentions "160 bpm" a little metronome starts ticking inside your head... at 160 bpm
  4. You know the exact chemical composition of the alloys used to make different types of cymbals
  5. The words "The Black Page" bring a shiver to your body
  6. Animal is your favorite Muppet
  7. You buy a live CD just for the drum solo
  8. You can recite all the components in Mike Portnoy's drumset by heart, the clamps and wingnuts included
  9. You think paying $1500 for a Lars Ulrich bell brass snare is no big deal. "Hey who can be more metal than Lars?"
  10. You know what Der Trommler and O Baterista mean
  11. The owner of your local drum shop was able to send his kid to college thanks to your frequent contributions
  12. You're getting tired explaining to people about the calluses on your hands
  13. You don't find drummer jokes funny anymore
  14. You have more drum jpegs than pr0n on your computer (whoa you must be really hardcore)
  15. Airdrumming is your preferred method of warming up before going jogging
  16. Your main reason to buy an MPV instead of a Mustang (despite how uncool the MPV looks) is that you can at least fit your entire drumset in the MPV
  17. You've set up your drumset in the bathroom and used the toilet as the "throne"
  18. You laugh hysterically when a newbie drummer say, "My new two ply bassdrum head is so durable, there's no way I could break that thing."
  19. You have a Drummers Do It With Rhythm t shirt and proudly wear it everyday
  20. You refer to your drumset as your "baby," "girlfriend," or worse, "soulmate."


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