Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Playboy Indonesia you say?

>>This is a post that I wrote a few weeks back but never really had the time (willpower?) to finish it. The issue is a bit stale now, but what the hell...

I haven't posted a social commentary for a while, so since I have nothing to do for the next hour and a half, I thought I'd write about the issue that's been amusing me for a while now: Playboy Indonesia.

I think the whole hooha about the local version of Hef's mag is getting ridiculous. Wannabe moralists and politicians trying to get attention are scrambling to condemn a magazine based on its name. If only those sadcases would look around the corner of Jakarta's streets, actual hardcore porn (as opposed to Playboy's 15 articles and 3 pictures format) is so easy to access. Just sit down at some roadside warung and in 10 minutes some dude with a bag will approach you asking if you'd like to see his "barang". Say yes, and the entire Vivid collection will be showcased in front of you. At Rp 5000 each, it's incredibly cheap. Another good example is Glodok area in Jakarta. I was there last year and I tell you, the place is freaking surreal. I've never imagined a place where a whole pasar is full of people selling porn DVD's. It's just crazy. You walk around and these guys will entice, cajole, or even half-force you to buy their stuff. A bit scary if you're not stern enough (and not really fluent with the local slang).

So back to the hypocrites. Everyone knows that these FPI (Islamic Defender Front) are just a bunch of thugs using the name of the religion to extort money. Every Ramadan they would haunt bars threatening to burn the building to the ground if they don't shut down. But everyone knows if you pay them, they won't disturb you. Sounds pretty similar like the Mafia style protection racket eh?

So the latest news is that they've smashed some windows of the publisher's office building. According to one source, police were there but they didn't do anything. Another negative point for the cops there. How come it's so easy for them to beat the crap out of students protesting but not to arrest a bunch of troublemakers causing damages? What's with that? Are they afraid that FPI will retaliate? Please...

I found out that several enterpreneurial opportunists are trying to sell the first (and might be the only one ever) edition of Playboy Indonesia on eBay. I saw the first one and the bid was already around $90. Not bad at all. Now there's already a bunch of other people trying to sell their copy. I really gotta call up the friends/cousins/acquaintances (now that's difikult to speel) back home and see if they have a copy that can be peddled online. Selling something for $50 with a $5 initial capital already makes a 900% profit you know.


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