Thursday, January 24, 2008

SOTC January 2008

Allllright it's State of the Collection time! Let's start with the analogs!

Let's see what we have here...

1. Seiko 6138-3002 mechanical chronograph
My stars and moons and planets must've lined up perfectly when I purchased this one. A 34 year old watch in this kinda condition for that kinda price??? Yep I was super lucky. A massive watch, not the easiest to wear.

2. Citizen 8100 mechanical chronograph
Heavily polished when I got it and the chrono hands don't snap back to zero. Got burned on this one. Still a good looking chrono though, albeit small compared to its cousins.

3. Seiko SND253 quartz chronograph
The first one. The one that started it all. Got it on my birthday in 2004. And I actually paid retail for this baby! Never. Again.

4. Citizen Nighthawk Asian version (with that super awesome engraved caseback)
Got this one for a really really good price. The watch gods were with me that fine Saturday morning. First GMT and and the only Eco-drive watch. The case is huge but light. I took off the super solid bracelet for leather straps but might put the bracelet back again.

5. Seiko 8110 King Quartz
Rare rare rare. JDM watch purchased from a Japanese based seller. I think my bid got a bit too high but it seems like the value of the watch is actually much higher. Possibly a good investment. Will unload this one soon.

6. Seiko Sportsmatic
Crappy seller. Tried to rip me off with shipping charges. Crystal fell off after 5 minutes on the wrist. Got burned big time on this one.

7. Seiko SND101 quartz chronograph
A discontinued military chronograph that still looks good although a bit thin (hey after the 6138 everything is too thin). Might be unloaded soon.

8. Citizen NY0054 titanium diver
My first titanium watch. Miyota movement was amazingly accurate the first few weeks but right now loses about 15 seconds a day. Will be regulated once the caseback opener arrives. The craziest automatic jiggle I've ever experienced: "No I don't have Parkinson's, it's my watch shakin'."

9. Seiko SKX013 diver
First divers watch. The 7s26 movement does +20s a day. Not the most accurate. It feels a bit small now. Will be sold and replaced with the bigger brother the SKX007.

10. Citizen Navihawk
This thing has more computing power than my first PC. Seriously. Handles 30 time zones. Synchronized analog and digital display. Does DST changes. 2 alarms and a chronograph. The only thing it doesn't do is wash the dishes. I'll get a Citizen Attesa for that.

11. Seiko 6139-8029
My first mechanical chronograph. It has that satisfying pusher click and the snappy hand reset that is lacking in quartz watches. Got an awesome bargain on this one and watch certainly doesn't look its age (about 30 years old)

Moving on to the digitals...


1. Timex Ironman
30 dollar banger. Impressive value for money.

2. Casio G-Shock DW5600E
My first G-Shock, this model is the undisputable classic. It has a very simple module but it does the job very well.

3. Casio G-Shock G-8100
It doesn't look like a typical G. Design is rather futuristic. I guess it'll go well with work shirts (not sure when I'm gonna wear a work shirt though)

4. Casio G-Shock G-056
It's red and I got it for $12. Enough said.

I know there are some more still lying around. I just gotta find them first.


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