Monday, January 16, 2006

Sunday nights

It's always difficult to sleep early on Sunday nights. Right now I'm trying hard to get sleepy by eating. A lot. Listening to sleepy jazz tunes as well. Unfortunately Nina Simone's July Tree isn't proving to be really helpful.

I wonder how much I've contributed to the coffers of Wonder Bread and Skippy.

The bird flu has claimed victim #13 in Indonesia. I really wonder when will the Indonesian government realize that the bird flu threat is all too real? So far their approach is more like "just keep it as low as possible and hopefully it'll disappear by itself." Fat chance, fellas. The longer you bureaucratic asses wait more victims will fall. Admit it, this is a serious national crisis. Do a nationwide campaign on how to deal with the outbreak. After all the government is usually enthusiastic when it comes to campaigning family values and other methods of wasting tax payers' money.

It's -4 outside. Not too cold considering it's now winter and it's supposed to be -30. It's been a freaky Canadian winter so far, not much snow and we even get the occasional warm days. I really pity those poor wet people in Vancouver though, it's been 23 straight days of rain over there. Must be pretty depressing.

This has been a pretty random post. I guess I'll head back to the kitchen and fix another one of my signature PB sandwich.


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