Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Gladiator in Cuffs

Russell Crowe could face jail up to four years for hurling a phone at a night porter in a posh New York hotel. Hey since Australia didn't give any money to US, maybe you should rot in jail?

You just lost my respect, Mr Crowe.

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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Things People Put on Car Classifieds

I've been scanning the classifieds recently and I noticed some amusing things people put on their ads. These tiny bit of infos are supposedly to help convince the potential buyers that the car has been in good hands. But has it really?

1. Lady owner: The most common. It'd be difficult for me to consider buying a car previously owned by a lady. I don't wanna start the sexist arguments here, but in my seven years of driving (yeah I'm not that old) some of the most reckless drivers I've seen on the road are ladies. Changing lanes without signalling, driving 50 kmh on the right lane, lousy parking and taking two spaces as a result, smsing while driving, the list goes on.

With all those reckless stunts logically cars driven by (reckless) women would endure heavy abuse.

2. Doctor owner: So what? So if you're a doctor it's guaranteed that your car would be in "tip-top" condition? I thought doctors have to rush to the hospital when they get emergency calls? Rushed driving = bigger chance of getting an accident. Wonder whether DrLiew would put this if he's ever selling his Enzo.

3. Student owner: Now this is the joke. You expect us to believe that students drive nicely on the road? Get real.

4. Malay owner: Why must anyone put their race on a car classified? Is it implying that Malays are better drivers than other races so the car must be good condition?

5. Government owner: ...

6. Low mileage: All ads claim this. Guess most Malaysians put their cars on the garage and use them only on the weekends. Why don't car sellers put the actual mileage on the ad anyway?

One question on new cars: Why are cars in Malaysia so expensive? For comparison a Honda Jazz here is RM100k, in Indonesia it's only Rp145 mil (RM58k). A Nissan X-Trail is RM140k here, but less than RM100k in Indonesia. The only affordable ones here are Proton and Perodua. But with the sad build quality of Proton I'm glad Perodua is producing reliable cars at affordable price.

I just realised why Proton never exports their car to Indonesia. Maybe the management decided that Indonesian roads are too screwed up for their car, and rather than having fragile Proton cars breaking down in Indonesia, they should ship them to UK instead.

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