Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Short post

Short post from Calgary: The 2.5 hr drive was no doubt the most boring I've ever experienced. 210 km of STRAIGHT ROADS on FLAT LANDS. It doesn't get any more depressing than that.

Dumped my CPU at the shop, the dude promised they'll replace any part that's damaged because of that damned power supply. He also said they'll cover the shipping cost in case it can't be ready by tomorrow. Major relief there.

Had dinner at Hooters with the guys. The *ahem* Philly cheese steak burger sure was fine. Later after that we went on a search for a decent bar and stumbled upon "Restaurant Indonesia." They better have nasi Padang, or else...

On a different note: Don't buy Chevy Cobalt. It is powerful (a 2.4l engine on a compact body can get you from A to B pretty fast), but it drinks gas like Virgil Donati destroys his Assaults. It's just not worth it.

OK I'm sleepy. Full day ahead. Goodnight.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Lesson of the day - 16 Feb 2006

Never ever forget to bring the tuque. -30deg chill can cause intense pain on the ears.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Dead PSU Blues

So my Black Machine's power supply conked out at the worst possible time: When I need to do tons of work using the PC. To make things worse, this temporary loss somehow caused some sort of mild depression on me. You see, my PC is pretty much the central of my after-school-and-work-hours (pretty sad, I know). It's where I surf the net, watch TV, listen to music, do work, and stuff. To fill the void, I've been reading some books, and I was surprised to found how much faster I can read with nothing else to do. In a few days I've finished Michael Crichton's The Terminal Man and The Andromeda Strain. I'm in the midst of Stephen King's Insomnia now, alongside some books on marketing I found on the library.

Back on the dead power supply issue, I sent that thing to Calgary for the free replacement, but it's still gonna take time. Realizing that most likely I'm gonna get some crappy generic PSU that won't last too long (a mistake on my part here, that dead PSU came with the PC case, which was a generic brand. Folks, if you're investing on a PC with high end specs, don't scrimp on the case/PSU!), I decided to go all the way and bought a pretty good 420w Enermax Noisetaker. I ordered it online just a few minutes ago and hopefully it will be here in a few days.

Hmmm... now I just gotta work a few more extra hours to cover that purchase. Sigh.