Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Best PBS strip so far. Thanks Stephan!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Top Twenty Signs You've Been A Drummer for Too Long

This was supposed to be a Top Ten list, but the ideas just kept on coming so I settled at twenty. There might be more in the future.
  1. You can do a complete drum solo by clicking your teeth
  2. You have enough broken sticks collection to heat up an average home in the winter
  3. When someone mentions "160 bpm" a little metronome starts ticking inside your head... at 160 bpm
  4. You know the exact chemical composition of the alloys used to make different types of cymbals
  5. The words "The Black Page" bring a shiver to your body
  6. Animal is your favorite Muppet
  7. You buy a live CD just for the drum solo
  8. You can recite all the components in Mike Portnoy's drumset by heart, the clamps and wingnuts included
  9. You think paying $1500 for a Lars Ulrich bell brass snare is no big deal. "Hey who can be more metal than Lars?"
  10. You know what Der Trommler and O Baterista mean
  11. The owner of your local drum shop was able to send his kid to college thanks to your frequent contributions
  12. You're getting tired explaining to people about the calluses on your hands
  13. You don't find drummer jokes funny anymore
  14. You have more drum jpegs than pr0n on your computer (whoa you must be really hardcore)
  15. Airdrumming is your preferred method of warming up before going jogging
  16. Your main reason to buy an MPV instead of a Mustang (despite how uncool the MPV looks) is that you can at least fit your entire drumset in the MPV
  17. You've set up your drumset in the bathroom and used the toilet as the "throne"
  18. You laugh hysterically when a newbie drummer say, "My new two ply bassdrum head is so durable, there's no way I could break that thing."
  19. You have a Drummers Do It With Rhythm t shirt and proudly wear it everyday
  20. You refer to your drumset as your "baby," "girlfriend," or worse, "soulmate."

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Dubya The Gambler

"He's kinda like a slot machine, 'cos everytime he opens his mouth he knows he's gambling just a little bit." LOL

Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Joys of A Sunday

- Watching an adorable little girl chase a butterfly

- Basking in the glorious sun under the blue Alberta sky

- Chomping on a huge slice of spicy chicken pizza :)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Taking the plunge

My cousin is getting married!

Holy smokes, he's gonna be the first one in the extended family. I can already imagine the aunties (my dear mom included) getting all excited about this.

Well bro, I'm sorry I won't be able to attend the wedding. But all the best on your next phase in life. It'll be very tiring in the next few months, and it'll be even more tiring after the ceremony *wink wink*

Anyways, married or not, we are still gonna do the HRC+Stadium pilgrimage when I'm back in Jkt, k? Party on, brother!

Sunday, July 09, 2006


I smell like watermelon when I jog.

The manufacturer of "Off!" mosquito repellent that I use somehow chose watermelon scent on their product. Which is fine really, if the target customers are below 9 years old. The label says the scent is Summer Splash. Summer splash = watermelon?

I have no gripes about the effectiveness however. That thing really does work. For the past 2 weeks we've been having a pretty serious mosquito problem around here. About two weeks ago a rainy weekend resulted in puddles of water which are the mosquitos favorite place to breed. The next few days were hell as the those damn mozzies matured up and started preying on innocent souls who happened to be outdoors. A friend of mine got attacked while playing basketball in a park and was covered in red marks all over his arms and legs. I almost endured the same fate when I went jogging without realizing the mosquito season was on. Those things were everywhere, man. I spent half the time slapping my legs and arms to kill em off. Good thing those North American mosquitos are pretty slow and easy to kill, not like the stealthy Indonesian ones that'll suck your blood and give you dengue even before you realize you've been bitten.

So I got myself a bottle of repellent. They had two types, the sport and the regular one. Apparently by labeling the item "sport" the manufacturer thought they could charge double the price of a regular one. I bought the regular and tried it on. Hey it did work! Those pests would just buzz around and leave. Best $5.99 investment for the summer.

I went for a run earlier today. This type of afternoon run (it was actually around 9 p.m., but since the sun sets at 10.30 I consider it afternoon anyway) always reminds me of the times back in Duri. My dad and I would join our brethrens for the Duri Hash House Harriers (best HHH around, take that Rumbai!) Monday run. I still remember running through oil fields a few years back when it was still allowed. Man, running alongside all those oil pumps and inhaling the smell of crude oil sure is pretty unique. After this whole shitty terrorist affair the powers that be decided we couldn't run in the oil fields anymore, so we moved to the kampungs. At first it was pretty ok. But after we had local kids calling "Helllooo mister!! How are you??" about a thousand times and expecting us to hello back it got tiring. Kampungs were also getting rather crowded as most of the time we ended up trespassing people's yards. Some people would build a house anywhere as long as the land is cheap.

What would a bunch of hashers do when faced with this dilemma? Improvise, of course. The most fun I had was when we broke into the golf course and tried to dodge golf balls while running. The expression of those golfers was just gold.

It's 10. Family Guy time.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Cracks me up every time.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Canada Day at Waterton

I don't feel like writing much, so here we go...

Crystal clear and freezing

C? L?

The glorious food

The boy and his flag

My buddy's $200 Plymouth on the right. He sure got an awesome deal

Summer snow

The boy and his dog

She was very excited


Pretty high up

Adorable cubs and their guardian

Cardston sunset

We hiked, we canoed, we ate... too much. Gotta love Canada Day celebrations.