Monday, May 08, 2006


Simon said anyone could do this meme. So here we go...

Take the book next to you, go to page 18 and quote line 4:
Stephane: Non, je vais au zoo avec Celine... It's a French for Beginners book that someone donated. Now if only I can get myself to actually use the book.

Reach out as far as you can with you’re right arm – what can you grab?
Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce. Don't ask.

What was the last TV-Show you watched?
American Dad. It's not that funny anymore.

With the exception of you’re computer, to what are you listening at the moment?
I believe it's Joe Satriani's Super Colossal on the discman. Yes it's a DISCMAN.

When did you last step outside? What were you doing?
Went to Safeway for groceries yesterday afternoon. Been at home ever since.

What did you do before answering this questionnaire?
Watching From Russia With Love. Boy that Daniela Bianchi is purdy!

What are you wearing at the moment?
Spring, TX Hooters shirt and some fleece pants. My dad gave me the shirt in '98. Funky guy.

Did you dream last night?

When was the last time you had to laugh?
Earlier tonight while watching Family Guy. Stewie's hilarious.

What occupies the walls of the room, in which you are currently sitting?
A big poster of The Simpsons' characters, a calendar with pictures of the Canadian Rockies, and another big poster of a very idyllic beach somewhere in Maldives.

Did you see something strange lately?
I read some pretty strange stuff in Slashdot. Does that count?

What do you think about this questionnaire?
Not bad. It's my first time, so I guess it's pretty OK.

What was the last movie you watched?
Err.. From Russia With Love.

What would you buy if you’d be rolling in money?
The first thing would be a very nice dSLR with all the fancy accessories. And then I'll leave them in a corner cos I'm too busy rolling in money.

Tell something about yourself, which I don’t know yet.
I didn't know butter and margarine are different. Now I'm still not sure. I just buy whatever's cheaper.

If you could change one thing at our world, what would that be?
Those Americans to stop wasting the world's resources. The world doesn't revolve around America, pal.

Do you like dancing?
Depends on the music. But generally yeah.

George Bush
W or HW? W is not too bright. Not too sure about HW, but he was a successful oil tycoon before he became a president, so he must be pretty smart.

If you’re first child was a girl, how would you call it?
Uh... Megan?

And if it was a boy?
Not sure. I never really thought about these kinda things before.

Would you see it as a possibility for you to emigrate?
I guess.

What would you tell god reaching the heaven’s gate?
Hey did you know there's a Christoper Walken film called Heaven's Gate? Interesting huh?

Five people you want to answer this questionnaire:
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